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Dear food lover,

The idea behind this newsletter is very simple. Think of it as having a food-loving friend who emails you once in a while! 


It is the one you get your new or sometimes not so new ideas about food from. She is so fascinated by food it is the only thing she can talk about. But as she is a friend of yours you haven't met yet, all she can do is send you an e-mail.

Food Snob Newsletter is all about food: restaurant and street food tips, recipes, cookbooks, books about food culture and history, food travel guides and anything else you can think of. There are no strict rules or set dates and every newsletter is a surprise!

If that is not enough and you want to write back to share your ideas, recipes, books you are reading, restaurants you love, you can always connect through the Write Back form. 

Sincerely yours,

Food Snob 


Thanks for subscribing!

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